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You Deserve a Choice

Community Choice Energy (CCE) gives San Diego residents and businesses a clean energy alternative to the SDG&E monopoly, which charges you the highest rates in California and some of the highest rates in the nation.


Communities statewide already receive cleaner energy at lower cost. Nine Community Choice Energy programs serve customers throughout California, and eight more are ready to come online in 2018.

We can’t be left behind

San Diego can’t afford to be left behind in the clean energy movement. CCE allows transparency and accountability, keeping revenues local by investing in renewable energy and creating jobs for our community.

How Community Choice Energy



San Diego’s CCE purchases clean energy from renewable sources.


SDG&E continues to provide reliable transmission, maintenance and billing services.


Families and businesses receive renewable energy at a lower cost.

  • Headshot of Bishop McKinney
    “Community Choice Energy brings major benefits to San Diegans: choice, lower electric bills, more jobs, and clean energy. So what are we waiting for?"
    Bishop George D. McKinney
    St. Stephen’s Cathedral Church of God in Christ
  • Headshot of Georgette Gomez
    “Community Choice Energy gives San Diegans a choice for where their energy comes from, saving families money, providing cleaner energy, and creating jobs for San Diegans.”
    Georgette Gomez
    City of San Diego Councilmember, District 9
  • Headshot of Barbara Bry
    “CCE leverages our region’s strengths as an innovation hub and creates energy competition in the marketplace, which stimulates job creation and keeps costs low for consumers.”
    Barbara Bry
    City of San Diego Council President Pro Tem, District 1
  • Headshot of Todd Gloria
    “I am excited about community choice energy because it will achieve our 100 percent clean energy goal to the financial and environmental benefit of San Diego families.”
    Todd Gloria
    California State Assemblymember, District 78
  • Headshot of Chris Ward
    “Community Choice Energy is proving itself in numerous California counties and cities. We are seeing the benefits across the state. San Diego families deserve to have the same option here for cleaner, cheaper energy.”
    Chris Ward
    City of San Diego Councilmember, District 3
  • Headshot of Richard Barrera
    “I support Community Choice Energy because I know that our kids will create an amazing world if we support them now.”
    Richard Barrera
    President of San Diego Unified School District
  • Headshot of Barry Pollard
    “Being a lifelong community resident and advocate, I’m jazzed about finally having a choice and the community having a voice. CCE is about our families and our communities. Not big business.”
    Barry Pollard
    Southeast San Diego Community Leader
  • "Community Choice Energy is the most significant decision a community can make to address our energy crisis in California."
    Bruce McPherson
    Former California Secretary of State and current Chair, Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors
  • Headshot of Ms. Kathleen Harman
    “San Diegans deserve a choice for our energy provider. I want to have cleaner energy to improve the air quality where I live. I do not want to continue to pay some of the highest utility rates in CA. I want a choice.”
    Ms. Kathleen Harman
    Southeast San Diego Community Leader
  • Headshot of Mikey Knab
    “With Community Choice Energy, small businesses like Ponce’s can reduce electricity costs, giving us a better chance at growing and succeeding.”
    Mikey Knab
    General Manager of Ponce’s Mexican Restaurant and President of Business For Good San Diego


The San Diego Community Choice Alliance (SDCCA) is comprised of business leaders, activists and community members calling on the City of San Diego to enact Community Choice Energy in 2018, accelerating the transition to a local clean energy economy that drives innovation, creates jobs and benefits businesses and families.

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Businesses for CCE

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